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Communication is one of the essential elements to sign a successful trade agreement. When it comes to foreign trade agreements, intercultural communication requires a unique study. People from different cultures and countries tend to have a different perception of words, gestures, and mimics. As a slight misunderstanding can ruin all the efforts for a good trade deal, intercultural communication is crucial to study and manage.

For your business ventures, trips, and interviews, you should use the power of language to interpret your partners, employees, and counterparts correctly. Yet, even speaking a foreign language may fall short when it comes to an understanding your shareholders. Consequently, you need to talk about the language and understand the local culture at the same time.

With our translation and interpretation services, we help our clients understand their customers and shareholders from the local people's perspective. Our services in Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and English enable our clients to interpret their customers' behavior and their business in foreign markets.

Here at GlocLink, we translate your and your partner's documents for you to understand from a business perspective. Furthermore, we decipher the local customs and behaviors provide you with essential feedback. Our experts join your meetings as part of your team and take notes on your shareholders' behavior and internal comments. Likewise, we prepare your tailored company portfolio and introduction for your target market and customers.

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