Culture and Tourism Solutions

Culture and Tourism are inter-connected fields that affect every sphere of life yet need experience and knowledge to be comprehended to their fullest potential. Our experts from China, Turkey, and Russia, with years of work and study experience in the US and Europe ready to unlock the secrets of different countries and markets for you to experience just like a local.

Whether for a leisure or a business trip, you must understand and analyze the culture and tourism sectors and make plans to the smallest detail. Furthermore, every person may have a different experience within different countries and cultures. For that, we listen to your needs, prepare the best plan for you and supervise your travels, always ready to be just one step away from a phone call.

When you go to a foreign country, for any reason, you need to know the cultural basics, local communication methods and need to get yourself familiar with the red flags of the local culture. In GlocLink, we provide you with custom-designed videos, presentations, guidelines, researches, travel itineraries, and unique recommendations according to your distinguished hobbies and preferences. Furthermore, we arrange scheduled video calls to answer your questions on the local culture, train you on the business culture practices, and supervise all your trips and experience.

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