As a result of trade globalization entering the international market has become one of the main strategies for most companies. Generally, this step is also considered an indicator of their success, prestige, and professionalism. However, market conditions and legal regulations vary in many countries, so for some companies, the process of exporting or importing seems to be quite complicated; most of the time, they simply don't know where to start.

It inspired a group of experts in foreign trade, international politics, law, and economics to unite and provide consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises, that want to take their commercial activities to the international level.

The term "Gloc" in our company name brings together the concept of global and local, and "Link" indicates the connection we have established between these two concepts. GlocLink's mission is to transform the local small and medium-sized companies into a global power. The slogan of the company "Local to Global" reveals this mission of ours.