How can you expand your network in China? Online channel recommendations to connect with more Chinese people in your industry

When it comes to foreign trade, international business, or any business transaction, without a doubt, having a vast business network is very beneficial. Business networks enable us to connect with people with the same passion, or that could be the key to opening new doors. In this vein, doing business in China requires getting acquainted with the right people as much as anywhere else. For example, with your network, you can reach more buyers and sellers and have more information on different vendors and their products. Likewise, sourcing and marketing processes will also be unraveled with greater ease.

If you are not in China or cannot speak Chinese, expanding your network in China is not easy. You will have minimal access to expat networks in China. In this work, we will reveal a few online channels for you to meet new people in China without going to China.

1. WeChat Groups

Although it seems pretty straightforward, joining the right WeChat groups is not very easy actually. There are thousands of business networking groups in China. Some of them require you to have specific business credentials or references. However, indeed, anyone who is doing business in China is on WeChat. Therefore, entering the expat groups or business exchange groups will let you meet with the key people online to expand your China network. Currently, GlocLink has over 300 subscriptions in private business groups.

2. JobTube

JobTube is a recruitment platform and a job board for foreigners in China. But it's more than that. JobTube runs several WeChat groups and has contact with many business owners. You can contact JobTube through their website, LinkedIn or WeChat (search for JobTube public account). The staff are very responsive, so they will let you meet with some people or join certain groups for a small fee.

3. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is already one of the most popular networking social media platforms out there. However, LinkedIn's limitation of non-premium users on adding foreign people makes it hard for you to connect with people from another country or market from scratch. In that context, as LinkedIn is getting more and more popular among Chinese vendors and business people, it's a great way to expand to China. We recommend you to enter these groups to expand your network: Business In China, China Group 中国群, The Guanxi NetworkChina Asia Networking Group.

Alternatively, you can add our Co-Founder Cem Nalbantoglu and create a network link to add new people.

4. GlocLink Network Hunt

GlocLink Consultancy experts have networks in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan, and Chengdu. With eight years of experience in China, GlocLink can find professional contacts for its customers. If you are in a niche sector or couldn't find what you were looking for in any of the online groups, contact GlocLink Consultancy today. When you contact GlocLink Consultancy, our experts will arrange a meeting with you to check the same network quality and range you require. We will get in touch with the business owners, buyers, sellers, shops, manufacturers, media experts, journalists, and anyone beneficial to your network. So go ahead and send an e-mail to GlocLink Consultancy today.

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