Why should you start using Alibaba.com to export your products?

Today Alibaba.com is one of the most prominent wholesale online retailing websites around the world. Although it was founded in China, Alibaba quickly expanded globally and opened up to foreign markets.

Yet, when you want to export your products, online Alibaba.com is not your only option. If you are making B2B sales, you will find many online platforms that work on the same business line and thrive on helping companies open up. In this vein, one question here is why you should choose Alibaba.com? How is Alibaba.com different from other platforms, and how would you benefit from opening a virtual shop on Alibaba?

In this short work, we will put forward several factors that will help you understand the opportunities that Alibaba.com offers. Likewise, we will explain how the services and functions on Alibaba.com can help you expand your business, find new customers, and increase your sales.

1. Global Outreach

Alibaba.com offers services to over 180 countries today. When you use Alibaba.com, you don't need to limit yourself to few markets. You will receive inquiries and orders from all around the world. In this vein, with simple tools, you will be able to contact customers from across the globe, and you will be able to explore the markets that you hadn't known the potential of.


2. Competitor Information

When you use Alibaba.com, you will be able to examine the stores of your competitors. You can see their certifications, incoterms, and product information. Moreover, you will be able to see the price of the competing products on Alibaba.com. When you check your product's market price in different markets, you can readjust the price accordingly for other markets. Likewise, you can see how you may need to redesign your stores and product listing with the store info.

3. Internet Visibility and SEO Boost - Especially in China

With its advanced algorithmic system, Alibaba.com provides its sellers a boost on their internet visibility and SEO. When your company is looked upon by different search engines, your store will likely show up as well. You may also know that the Chinese search engine eliminates most of the foreign search results, and due to the Chinese firewall, most Chinese companies cannot access foreign websites. However, Baidu allows Alibaba.com stores to be screened on its search results. Therefore, even if your company website is censored in China, through your Alibaba.com store, Chinese customers will reach you easily.

4. Accesibility

One of the best things about Alibaba is that it's available to all merchants. From day one, Alibaba.com aimed to make it easier for smaller businesses to do business, regardless of size or location.

One such example is that they don't charge listing fees instead of monetizing the platform through advertising solutions. So you can place products for sale in a relatively risk-free environment – peace of mind, particularly for the casual entrepreneur.

5. Product Category Organization

When you register as a seller with Alibaba, you will see the whole product category organization for your products. Alibaba enables you to sell your product under multiple categories. As such, you will be able to market your product within different types, and you will be able to use other keywords. In return, more customers will be able to reach you on Alibaba or find you on the internet.


Alibaba offers a range of advantages for sellers all around the world. Those advantages vary, and they are beneficial for the sellers to increase their sales and market competency. However, any business that would like to start selling online on Alibaba should prepare a detailed product description and catalog. Furthermore, using the right keywords, uploading accurate photos of your business are essential for your listing. For any further questions, contact GlocLink to learn about our Alibaba e-commerce store management services.