Less Known Facts About Chinese Language

Origins of modern Chinese characters

Many people think that Chinese is a very hard to master, almost impossible. There really isn't much of an error here, actually. Some feels many aspects of Chinese language, whether it be writing, reading, or speaking, belongs to a completely different world. Yet, we should learn about many aspects of Chinese language before making any assumptions. For example: Does Chinese have an alphabet? How many Chinese characters are there?

We have compiled a set of less known facts about Chinese language for you to answer these kinds of questions.

1. Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world

According to a study conducted in 2015, more than one billion people’s mother tongue of is Chinese. Chinese is followed by Hindi, Spanish, English and Arabic. Turkish is spoken more than 100 million people as native language.

2. Chinese is a pitch-accent language

Çince ses tonu alıştırması

One of the most difficult points when speaking Chinese is likely to be the tones. There are five different tones in Chinese (four pitched tones and one "neutral" tone). These different tones make it possible to pronounce the same word differently while attaching different meanings at the same time.

3. Chinese does not have an alphabet


The only language in the world that does not have an alphabet is Chinese. Shapes and scrips that describe each word in China are called "characters". Moreover, none of the Chinese characters are same with one another.

4. There are more than 50000 characters in Chinese

Çince karakterler

Although it is not known how many Chinese characters are in total, it is said that there are more than 50000 characters in the Chinese writing system. A common person uses only 800 of them on average per day.

5. Chinese characters are pictographic (Pictographic: Pictorial, graphically illustrated)

Chinese characters are actually the shapes of the pictures. For example, the word mountain shan [山] is actually a simple hand drawn version of a mountain image. If you look at the Chinese characters in this way, you will see that they all have a logic in themselves.


Chinese seems to be a very complex and difficult language to learn for most people. A native English speaker needs to study an average of 2000 hours to learn Chinese. It is actually a little easier for Turkish; Once you start learning Chinese, you will see that there are a lot of common words in Chinese and Turkish. If you comprehend the logic of the language, you will see that Chinese is actually a fun language like a puzzle.